Juan Pablo CÁCERES
  • Chile

Juan Pablo Cáceres Cornejo – known as Juan Cáceres- was born in 1990 in the periphery of Santiago de Chile. He graduated from the School of Film and Television of the University of Chile in 2014. He debuts in fiction feature film with PERRO BOMBA (Chile-France, 2019), a self-funded and not-scripted anti-racist film, inspired by the New Latin American Cinemas of the 60s and awarded at festivals as Guadalajara, Havana, Gramado, Malaga, Munich, among others. “If we want to make honest cinema from marginalized territories, we can't reply methodologies and hierarchies of hegemonic cinema”, he talked about KAYE, his second fiction feature film, which has been awarded at the FICG Co-Production Meeting, at SANFIC's Santiago Lab, Toulouse Cinélatino's Cinéma en Développement and which will complete its writing in the 43rd session of the Cinefondation Residence of Cannes Film Festival

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