Focus WiP: Alegrias Riojanas (Velasco Broca), an audacious project granted by Hiventy!

The 2nd edition of the Focus WiP – presentation of short films in production or post-production – took place on Wednesday, July 14th during the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry.

This year, and for the first time, Hiventy – technical partner of the Festival de Cannes – grants a 5’000€ post-production dotation to one of the curated projects.

Congratulations to ALEGRIAS RIOJANAS
– directed by Velasco Broca and produced by Euskadi Movie Aie –

At the end of the Pitch Session, every attending decision-maker part of the audience had the possibility, through an anonymous vote, to choose which project should benefit from the grant support.

Thanks to the participation of Hiventy, technical partner of the Festival de Cannes, the Spanish project – directed by Velasco Broca eand produced by Eduardo Carneros & Angel Daniel Iñiguez (Euskadi Movie Aie) – benefits from a 5’000€ grant dedicated to the finalization of the short film post-production.
The grant remain available for 16 months for the project holders.


More information on the project:

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