2022 Workshops © DR
2022 Workshops © DR

Workshops, Keynotes & Tutoring sessions

Leave the floor to close interactions, create discussions around targeted topics and give life to encounters with key professionals.

Workshops, Keynotes and Tutoring sessions are organised as part of the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry, from May 21 to 24, 2023. 

Upon registration and available for SFC | Rendez-vous Industry participants only. Registrations open: early May.


Pitch Training Workshop

A session dedicated to learn how to pitch. Targeted tips to present your short film, rehearsals to practice the pitching of your film or future project. Active training sessions led by masters in the Art of Pitching.


Truth or Dare Workshop - Feedback sessions

Within a 20-minute individual meeting, short and feature film professionals give precise & constructive feedbacks. This workshop helps the filmmakers identify their film’s strengths but also spots which elements may be improved for future projects.

It is also a privileged moment to meet key Industry decision-makers, and hence, having the possibility to exchange about any distribution opportunity for the film.



To extend the interactions around targeted topics, Keynotes are elaborated in a more intimate space as a way to boost interactions between the panellists and the audience (20 to 30 participants maximum).


Tutoring Sessions Distribution

Within a 20-minute individual meeting, a distributor will present different distribution opportunities and select the most adapted for your short film.


Masterclasses, directors’ talks and industry panels: three events where the filmmakers of today and tomorrow share their experiences or look back on their careers. There will be discussions on the issues of broadcasting, distributing and promoting short films.
2022 Panels and Talks  © DR
Do you want to participate in masterclasses, directors’ talks and industry panels? To do so, do not miss the opportunity to register in the 2024 edition of the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry.
2022 SFC | Rendez-vous Industry participants  © DR