With the wish of offering more space to young short film producers, the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry has decided to launch a new initiative in 2022.

Centered around co-production in the short film field, the NEW PRODUCERS ROOM gathers 10 talented producers to follow.

The NEW PRODUCERS ROOM aims to hightlight up-and-coming producers and offer them a privileged space where they can explore the co-production opportunities in specific territories, and therefore build strong bonds for the future.

Believing that short films projects greatly benefit from co-production and knowing all the difficulty that shorts can find to be produced, the initiative – elaborated in collaboration with Institutions – is looking for facilitating the interactions between short film producers from dedicated regions, and therefore stimulate the potentiality of co-productions in order to strenghten the pre-production or post-production of short films.

In the context of the program, the producers benefit from a serie of dedicated sessions centered around the production & distribution fields.

The 10 producers will gather during a presentation & matchmaking session,
on Wednesday, May 25th within the 2022 SFC | Rendez-vous Industry.

> Find more information on the Producers on the Decision-Makers page and in the 2022 Industry Program.


Justė Michailinaitė – Broom Films, Lithuania
Alise Rogule – Mima Films, Latvia

Baltic Shorts

Rea Rajčić – Eclectica, Croatia

Croatian Film Centre

Mathilde Warisse – Flow Productions, France

Fédération des Jeunes Producteurs Indépendants

Julia Elomäki – Tekele Productions, Finland
Frida Mårtensson – Verket Produktion, Sweden

Scandinavian Films

Nicole Boner-Ulrich – Dynamic Frame, Switzerland
Yan Decoppet – GoldenEggProduction, Switzerland

Swiss Films

Romain Bent – Protest Studios, France
Romanna Lobach – Akran, Greece

scouted producers



In collaboration with

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