Discover the program of the 2022 Workshops.


Monday, May 23rd, 10:30am @Workshop 2 
With Ido Abram
Monday, May 23rd, 3:30pm @Marché 
With Gavin Humphries and Anna Macdonald

Training sessions led by masters in the Art of Pitching! Targeted tips to inspire interest in your project, sessions of practice and role-playing – this workshop is the perfect starting point!


Wednesday, May 25th, 2:30pm @ Workshop 2
With Karim Aitouna, Violeta Bava, Jeffrey Bowers, Rimante Daugelaite, Miguel Dias, Isabelle Fauvel, Per Fikse, Alexandra Hroncova, Bianca Lucas, Emilie Poirier, Laza, Marina D. Richter.

Wednesday, May 25th, 5pm @
With Maria Gracia Turgeon, Sigrid Hadenius, Danny Lennon, Dan Karolewicz, Emilia Mazik, Mike Plante, Sébastien Simon, Simone Späni.

Get feedback from the Pros! Without mincing their words, our renowned guests specialised in shorts & features give their personal opinion about your film during a 20-minute interview. Face the critics, gain opinions on your work and identify the strengths of your film.

Lubna Azabal © Dominique Charriau, Paolo Moretti © Angèle Marignac-Serra ECAL, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar @ Guy Ferrandis, Claudine Nougaret © Raymond Depardon, Vladimir Perišić © Philippe Lebruman
Short films and La Cinef Jury and selections of the 77th Festival de Cannes Flanked by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, Claudine Nougaret, Paolo Moretti et Vladimir Perišić, the Belgian actress Lubna Azabal will award the Short Film Palme d’or and the 3 La Cinef prizes, the...
Industry Panels & Keynote 2024 Discover the first events of the program! 
Emmanuelle Béart © Harold James / Baloji © Kristin Lee Moolman
Baloji and Emmanuelle Béart will co-preside over the Caméra d’or Jury of the 77th Festival de Cannes The 77th Festival de Cannes will feature an unprecedented yet self-evident pairing at the head of the Caméra d’or Jury. As rich dialogue and inspiring gaze arise from encounters, the...