New Producers Room 2023 © FDC

New Producers Room 2023

In order to offer more visibility to short film producers within major film events, the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry has created the New Producers Room.

To stimulate the potential of co-production by bringing together 10 promising producers.

Wednesday, May 24th, 11:15am @Palais Stage


Nevena Semova – Fat Cat Film – Estonia
Akvilė Žiilionyte – Artišokai – Lithuania
Baltic Shorts

Marta Eva Mećava – Eclectica – Croatia
Croatian Film Centre

Luc Sorrel – Astral Production – France
Fédération des Jeunes Producteurs Indépendants

Maarten D’Hollander – Krater Films – Belgium
Flanders Image

Atli Óskar Fjalarsson – Empath – Iceland
Lilian Løvseth – Trollfilm | Smallville Films – Norway
Scandinavian Films

Mark Olexa – Dok Mobile – Switzerland
Sophia Rubischung – Dschoint Ventschr – Switzerland
Swiss Films

Antoine Salomé – Mabel Films – France
Scouted producer


Initiative elaborated in collaboration with Baltic Shorts, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Flanders Image, FJPI, Scandinavian Films, Swiss Films


Find more details about the Producers’ profiles on the webpage :

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