Cesar DIAZ
  • L'atelier du festival
  • Année de production : 2021
  • Pays : Guatemala
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Langue(s) de tournage : Spanish
  • Budget prévisionnel : € 412 000
Réalisateur : Cesar DIAZ
Cesar DIAZ


Note d'intention

The idea of betrayal is often linked to lust and sexual desire. Acting on our desire can cause jealousy, loss, all in the name of experiencing fleeting pleasure. While breaking promises made to romantic partners, explicitly or tacitly, is often painful, the price of betraying the bond of trust formed in a friendship can be just as serious. The characters in this film love one another, and while the betrayal that occurs between two of them is sexual, their relationships and friendships have failed on a deeper level, they lack ability to tell the truth, as both friends and lovers must do. Fidelidad challenges us to think about moments we haven’t lived up to the honesty that true friendship requires, and how all dishonest actions accumulate over time to cause great pain for those who we love.


20 avenida A 3-50, Zona 15, Vista Hermosa 1, 01015, GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA