The 3 projets of the Focus COPRO' 2023 chosen by Pop Up Film Residency, ECAM and Initiative Film © DR

Focus COPRO’ 2023: three projects granted by Pop Up Film Residency, ECAM & Initiative Film.

The Focus COPRO’ supports talented filmmakers in the presentation of their first feature film projects to key decision-makers & industry platforms within the SFC | Rendez-vous Industry.

Again this year, three institutions collaborated to the initiative and chose three projects that will benefit from tailor-made programmes.


Congratulations to Patricio Martínez & Francisco Canton (Pantera) and with their project AMAZONIA!

Thanks to the collaboration developed with Pop Up Film Residency, one of the projects part of the Focus COPRO’ benefits from a 3-week residency program, in the company of a dedicated mentor, run by M-Films and supported by Vilnius City. 


AMAZONIA by Patricio Martínez & Francisco Canton


Congratulations to Vladimir Duran with the project FRAGMENTOS DE VOZ  (VOICE PIECES)
produced by Clara Massot (Hiedra Films)

In collaboration with ECAM Industria, the representatives of one project part of the Focus COPRO’ are invited to participate in Start Me Upan initiative aiming at boosting the exchange between industry platforms. 
The project holders benefit from tailor-made sessions focused on production and marketing for one week in Madrid.


de Vladimir Durán

Congratulations to Mouloud Aït Liotna with the project LE LOUP DES STEPPES (STEPPE WOLF)
produced by Jules David (L’Oeil Vif Productions)

With the participation of Initiative Film, one of the Focus COPRO’ projects benefit from a 1’000€ envelope in provision of service. This grant can be used for dedicated consultancies led by Initiative Film around the script development of the project. 


de Mouloud Aït Liotna



More information on the chosen projects and the programme:

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