Hanna SLAK
  • L'atelier du festival
  • Année de production : 2021
  • Pays : Germany, France
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Langue(s) de tournage : German, French
  • Budget prévisionnel : € 2,66M
Réalisateur : Hanna SLAK
Hanna SLAK


Note d'intention

If my back was up against a wall this very moment and given a choice between my career and the wellbeing of my children, I would not hesitate. I cannot live without my profession, but the bond I share with my children makes me who I am – as a person, as a filmmaker. This brought me to Nina. Her struggle to reset the lost bond with her son plays out on stormy cliffs in the fragile time of childhood passing into adolescence, into adulthood. Nina fights her own fights, recognizes her mistakes and goes back to correct them. We need women like her, fictitious and real. The suspenseful story is set against spectacular landscapes, raw forces of nature, and the power of music and sound. Using these elements, we create a fresh and elegant contemporary arthouse film with subtle elements of a thriller.


Weichselstr. 9, 12043, BERLIN, ALLEMAGNE